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View Instagram Profile & Stories Anonymously With Dumpor

Dumpor & Its Uses

Ethical stalking has become a thing these days, we always stalk our favourite person, an ex friend, superstars etc. stalking involves going under the covers and yet being able to view profiles. Many of us might think we can easily view public profiles and stalk them. How is the other person going to know? But what if you accidentally end up liking a picture or opening an Instagram story, of course this scares everyone. You do not want to let the other person know you are stalking the right. This is exactly what Dumpor helps you do!

What is Dumpor?

Dumpor is an online software that enables you to view any Instagram profile anonymously. It is an Instagram viewer that creates a space for you to view all the content of any Instagram profile that is public and access it without notifying or letting the person know. What’s better is that you can also download stuff from there. Dumpor helps you ghost any profile. You can view and download reels, stories, highlights, posts, IGTV Videos and much more anonymously without even registering on the app or logging in through Instagram. You do not need an Instagram account to use Dumpor all you need is the username of the person whom you wish to stalk. Dumpor is legal to use and a safe app as it allows you to view and download content from public profiles only and does not store any of your personal information.

Why should you use Dumpor?

Anonymously view Instagram profiles

Dumpor helps you check out any Instagram profile anonymously. You can view all the content posted by that person without the other person knowing. You do not need to follow the account to see their stories, videos and other stuff. Simply open Dumpor and go through any Instagram profile.

Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Dumpor has effective tools to help you watch Instagram stories even after they have been deleted by the user or have disappeared post 24 hours. You can anonymously view any Instagram story both active and deleted ones, on the Dumpor app.

Downloading all your favourite content

There is always some content on Instagram that we wish to download. Unfortunately Instagram does not provide you the option to download any content from Instagram. But if you are browsing any Instagram profile on Dumpor you can easily download the content with a click of a button. It could be any popular reel, post, video, story, highlight etc.

Explore as all popular hashtags

Another cool feature of Dumpor app is that it allows you to explore all the top ranking hashtags. These hashtags help improve engagement on your content easily. You can explore all hashtags and keywords on Dumpor.

View profile pictures in full zoom

We all know how Instagram locks profile pictures and does not allow us to view profile pictures in their original size and resolution. Using Dumpor app you can easily view and download any Instagram profile picture in its enlarged size and HD quality for free.